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Ascend Tuned WoodBlocks, 8 blocks in all.

Ron Vaughn Ascend WoodBlocks are a tuned set of 8 blocks.  Tuning is reliable, relative tuning so that each of the eight blocks will fit tonally in a player's collection, even when the player expands their Ascend block collection well after the time of their first Ascend block acquisition.

These blocks differ from Ron's Signature block collection as they are not individually 'voiced' with the same attention to detail as Ron's Signature blocks, and as a result, Ascend blocks will deliver very good basic sound and reliable, sequential pitch within a collection of Ascend blocks. 


 There are 8 Tuned Ascend Wood Blocks in this collection.  You can easily find all 8 of these Signature Blocks by returning to the main navigation menu. 

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