Ron Vaughn Products, 100% Made in the U.S.A.

FlexMounts for Voiced & Tuned Signature Wood Blocks

Ron Vaughn FlexMounts are the individual wood block mounts made for each of Ron's individual Signature Wood Blocks.  These mounts, designed by Ron Vaughn in the 1970's, mimic the 'perfectly sound-insulating cradle' for any wood block that is the human hand.
Made from stainless steel, high-density foam, the best bungee available, and steel, sealed detent pins, these mounts provide the absolute ideal way to mount Ron's Signature  Wood Blocks, allowing the pure sound of each block to be heard in their pure, tuned voices for any live or recording performance setting.
Every individual Ron Vaughn Signature Wood Block comes with the receiving ports already installed into each block, ready to receive the matching, corresponding  FlexMount for each individual block. 

Each FlexMount comes with an integral 3/8" diameter, 8 inch-long, stainless steel rod for mounting into any of Ron's stainless steel FlexMount system, or into any of your own percussion racks that will accept 3/8" diameter percussion rods.


Use FlexMounts individually to mount a single block, as picture above, or use them in groups to mount performance/recording arrays of Ron's Signature Wood Blocks, pictured below.




 All Ron Vaughn stainless steel FlexMount hardware is 100% made by Ron Vaughn Percussion, in the U.S.A.