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Wood Block Mallets

Ron's wood block mallets address the need for specific mallets that can produce the full voice of his well known collection of Signature Tuned Wood Blocks and his
Tp-770 Concert Temple Blocks.  
Piccolo blocks require a mallet that can allow these fit-in-your-shirt-pocket sized small wood blocks to sing in their full, very high-pitched, brilliant voices, without the weight and clutter and 'contact noise' produced by so many other mallets.
Those mallets are the PBM-1R model, and these will play Ron's W.08, W.09, W-1, W-1.2, and W-1.3 Signature Wood Blocks.

For the small block range, (larger than Piccolo blocks), the SMB-1.5R mallets work well with the W-1.4, W-1.5, and W-2 Signature Wood Blocks.

For the mid-range Signature Wood Blocks, the SBM-2R mallets will play very well on the W-2, W03, and W-4 Signature Wood Bocks.  

For the larger Signature Wood Blocks, the LBM-3R mallets are ideal for hearing the full voice of Ron's Signature Wood Blocks W-4, W-4.5, W-4.7, W-5, W-6, W.7, and W-8.

For performance situations where the combined blocks required range includes some of all of these sizes, and where there is no time to change mallets mid-performance, then Ron's MPM-1.75 Multiple Percussion mallets provide a terrific choice.
The MPM-1.75R mallets will produce excellent voice presence from all Ron Vaughn Tuned Singnature Wood Blocks.