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FlexMount FM-4Bar

FlexMount FM-4Bar

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The FlexMount FM-4Bar is the shortest of all the FM-Bars.  Here's what it looks like:

FlexMount FM-4Bar, at approximately 7 3/4″ long, (196 mm). The FM-4Bar bar will mount onto the FlexMount FM-TBase with two socket head cap screws, and can be added to any of the other FM-Bars quickly and easily as the bolt patterns are identical on all FM-Bars. All FlexMount hole-patterns are common and completely interchangeable.

The FM-4Bar is often used in conjunction with other, longer FM-Bars to help place instruments exactly where you need them in your performance setup.

For a quick and handy pictorial on one way to create a simple FlexMount setup, click HERE: 

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