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Log Drum FlexMount Mounting Assemblies

FlexMounts for Ron Vaughn Log Drums are pre-assembled for purchase.  Ron's FlexMounts for these Log Drums are built from various FlexMount components and sold as a completely assembled part.
All Ron Vaughn FlexMount hardware is made exclusively from stainless steel and the highest quality acoustic, high-density insulating foam, and 100% made in the U.S.A.

Each FlexMount assembly requires one sturdy cymbal stand that will accept the 3/4" down-tube of one assembly.  To mount one drum requires two supporting cymbal stand bases.   These cymbal stand bases are sold separately by many dealers here in the US.  Some of the best, well built brands for these cymbal stands are Gibraltar, or Pearl, or the Liberty One brand sold by Steve Weiss Music.

You can purchase these mounts for one, two, three, or all four of Ron's Log Drums.  You can easily find all 4 of these FlexMount options by returning to the main navigation menu right on this page. Then, go to 'Log Drum FlexMount Assemblies', and click the '+' sign next to the 'Log Drum FlexMount Assemblies' title to see these pre-assembled FlexMount choices for Ron's Log Drums.

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