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Triple Row Headless Recording Tambourines

These are Ron's original Narrow Slot, Triple-Row, Solid Maple Shell headless rhythm tambourines. They are specifically designed for studio recording and any performance need where very high control of the instrument is called for.
The T-10 jingles are the foundation of their sound, providing superb recorded live presence, while also creating beautiful ballad-playing with what studio players throughout the world refer to as this instrument's very sweet  'built in reverb'. 
With their jingle-saturated Triple-Row density, these instruments can produce very tight, driving time too, all with remarkable control, your chops depending.

Ron's Recording Tambourines have become some of the most depended-on studio recording instruments of these last 40+ years, and they continue to be so today. They remain and continue to be one of the most relied upon and trusted recording tambourines of all time, and a hands-down favorite of recording engineers everywhere these triple-row recording tambourines are part of recorded tracks.

All Ron Vaughn Tambourines are 100% made in the USA, by Ron Vaughn Percussion.

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