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Signature Wood Blocks by Ron Vaughn

Ron's original single slot, solid body, Voiced & Tuned Wood Blocks first appeared as available instruments to other percussionists  in the early 1970's.  And when they did, they set a new design standard that is today one of the most reflected, copied, and mimicked designs in percussion.

Through decades of experience and gradual refinements, they are today the most expansive collection of tuned wood blocks, purchased and relied upon by players and performance organizations all throughout the world.

Today Ron's collection ranges over 17 published pitches from D#6, to B4, and includes many custom tuned sets made for specific performance and recording projects, film scores, and other musical projects of most every kind.

There are 16 Voiced & Tuned Signature Wood Blocks in this collection.  You can easily find all 16 of these Signature Blocks by returning to the main navigation menu. 

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