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Ron Vaughn Online

Ron Vaughn Online is an online-store listing of some of Ron's percussion instruments, equipment, and specifically, Ron's Steam Bent Solid Snare Drum Shells, available to individual builders when shells are not otherwise sold out.

For a complete list of Ron's products & prices: you can find them at the link shown just below this paragraph.
Helpful hint:  when you click on this link and you land on the page, scroll down the page to the product/prices PDF, then click on the expand icon along the bottom,  right-side of the PDF to expand the list to full screen for much easier reading. 
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There is also an excellent network of dealers who sell Ron Vaughn Percussion instrument and equipment both here in the United States and throughout the world.
Ron's work is well represented and broadly available worldwide, now for over 50 years.

If you need help in finding a specific product of Ron's, you can always contact Ron Vaughn Percussion directly: