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Temple Blocks

Ron Vaughn Percussion makes a collection of well known and deeply trusted temple block sets, now for over 50 years..
Ron's Concert Grand Tp-770 Mahogany pentatonic temple blocks made with Solid Mahogany Bodies, with Russian Birch end caps, are the most prolific here in the US and throughout the world, owing to their authentic, deeper, mellow, rich dark sound.  Our Tp-770 Temple Blocks are found in major orchestras, sound stages and studios, great music schools and other educational systems where the highest performance sound quality is the goal.

Tp-770 Solid Mahogany Body/Russian Birch Concert Grand Temple Blocks


Also from Ron Vaughn Percussion are concert and band temple blocks built for excellent sound, with good relative tuning, and consistent durability and longevity with normal practice and performance.  Our Russian Birch family of temple blocks are made wholly from Russian Birch.
These models begin with our BTp-5H pentatonic sets, and also include the BTp-6H six-pitch temple block sets, as well as the BTp-5V FlexMounted Vertical sets.

BTp-5H Russian Birch Body Temple Blocks for Band & Orchestra