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Ron Vaughn Tambourines

Ron Vaughn Tambourines are designed and built for many different performance needs and requirements.

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To navigate quickly to our tambourine collections, simply return to the main menu.  Then scroll down the main menu to 'Tambourines'.  Next, click on the '+' sign to the right of 'Tambourines', then scroll on down and click on the '+' sign beside the tambourine category you are looking for and follow the links.

To learn more about our tambourines generally, just keep reading right here:

Our inclusive collection has grown gradually and slowly through our many decades as each style was developed for a specific, intended purpose.  And naturally, musicians continually find new and different cross-uses for the many tambourine styles we make.

For a complete tambourine list: for models, descriptions and prices, you can find them at the link show just below this paragraph.
Helpful hint:  when you click on this link and you land on the page, scroll down the page to the product/prices PDF, then click on the expand icon along the bottom,  right-side of the PDF to expand the list to full screen for much easier reading.
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We list only a few of our many tambourines in our store as of today. When you find a tambourine model you want to order that is not currently in our online store, just let us know and we'll send you a private link to purchase any of these other tambourines we make that are not listed in our online store today.

You can order our tambourines or ANY of our products through this online Ron Vaughn store if you don't see the one you are looking for in our store listings today.

And, you can easily contact us directly at:, or                

 Finding an exact tambourine from our collection: 
Each tambourine we have ever made has a unique model number inside the shell.  If you hear one of our tambourines that a friend of yours owns, just get this unique model number from inside the shell, and let us know. By providing us with that unique model number, we will be able to duplicate that exact instrument for you.  As an example, the model numbers inside the shell of our tambourines looks like this: RV-3695.0002.Cng,
The exact model number will be unique and specific to just the Ron Vaughn tambourine that you are looking at.

Getting a specific vintage Ron Vaughn Tambourine made again today:
On a regular basis today, we faithfully reproduced specific tambourine models for some players who newly discover our tambourines.  We've originally made some of these tambourines over 40 years ago!
If you can get us the Ron Vaughn model number, we can make the original Ron Vaughn instrument for you today, exactly the same.

Our tambourine shells:
All of our tambourines are 100% made in the USA by Ron Vaughn, Inc.
All of our tambourines are 100% made from steam-bent solid hardwood shells at our shop. 
Primarily, we make our tambourine shells from North American hard Maple.

Our jingles and our jingle metallurgy:
All of the jingles we use in our tambourines are also 100% made by Ron Vaughn, Inc.
The metals we use to create the unique jingles we install into our tambourines are the result of decades of learning, experimenting, testing, and developing our unique jingle geometries, shapes, weights, process recipes, and ultimately, their SOUND & VOICE.

Today, we have tambourines that enjoy terrific reputations world wide for the remarkable sounds and stunning 'musical presence' they provide to performers of all musical styles and types.
You will find these Ron Vaughn instruments on recordings, videos, motion picture soundtracks, and most every kind of recorded media throughout the world.