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FlexMount Hardware, all stainless steel


Ron Vaughn Stainless Steel FlexMount Hardware can be used to mount Ron's Signature Blocks, and an almost unlimited number of other percussion instruments where unique, one-of-a-kind setup flexibility is a great help to any professional performer.

Ron's Stainless Steel FlexMount hardware began in the 1970s from Ron's challenges with the typical soft-metal percussion and drum hardware. Tightening screws would strip out and plating would chip and peel after just a few years of professional, day-in and day-out use.

FlexMount hardware is a high-end, super-durable solution for many professional players.  It's not inexpensive to make and it's not inexpensive to buy. Ron's FlexMount hardware is  made from materials that will last an entire career and beyond, with just the most basic care and common sense use.

The number of creative setups possible with FlexMount hardware is almost unlimited for positioning many percussion instruments in just the right place for your unique performance requirements.

FlexMount hardware is the percussionist's true high-quality, exceptionally strong 'erector set'.


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