RV-3665.0002.Cng  Ron Vaughn  8" Triple Row Recording Tambourine

RV-3665.0002.Cng Ron Vaughn 8" Triple Row Recording Tambourine

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RV-3695.0002.Cng 8" Triple Row Headless Recording Tambourine:  this 8" Recording Tambourine has a solid maple shell, and Ron's classic SuperGrip, (see images), for comfortable playing during multiple recording track takes and extended live performances.  The jingles consist of 21 pair of Ron's T-10 Jingles in an in-line-slot pattern.  This instrument remains a favorite for recording work of all kinds, delivering fast-in-hand response with great rhythmic clarity and articulation for experienced players.

This Triple-Row is also a favorite of recording engineers as it provides generous live sound presence straight to the tracks, and has what studio musicians refer to as it's own 'built-in reverb'.

As an eight inch instrument, this Triple-Row provides the player fine agility and quickness,  while always maintaining it's terrific articulation in ballads and up-tempo work. 

For performance situations where more power and drive are needed, see Ron's 10" diameter version of this same instrument, the RV-3699.0002.Cng model.

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