RV-3665.0002.Cng.    Ron Vaughn Rhythm Tambourine
RV-3665.0002.Cng.    Ron Vaughn Rhythm Tambourine

RV-3665.0002.Cng. Ron Vaughn Rhythm Tambourine

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Ron Vaughn Rhythm Tambourine RV-3665.0002.Cng, is a headless rhythm tambourine with Ron's T-10 Jingles. 
Solid maple shell, with SuperGrip for comfortable playing on multiple takes, or extended live performances.
As a staggered jingle pattern instrument, this tambourine will produce excellent shake rolls.  The T-10 voice is sweet with a superb 'ring', which many studio players refer to as the T-10's 'built-in reverb'.
Recording engineers like this instrument on tracks as it typically does not require further board-level enhancements, echo, etc., to achieve an excellent 'live' presence on recordings.
The T-10 jingles have a higher-pitched resonant voice with very reasonable projection power.

The 'cousin' to this instrument that delivers very dense, highly controllable, articulate rhythmic tracks for an experienced player is Ron's T-10 Triple-Row Recording Tambourine, available in both  8" and 10" versions.
The 8" Triple Row is the:  RV-3695.0002.Cng, also available in this online store.
The 10" Triple Row is the:  RV-3699.0002.Cng, also available in this online store. 

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