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Tp-770 Professional Temple Blocks
Tp-770 Professional Temple Blocks
Tp-770 Professional Temple Blocks
Tp-770 Professional Temple Blocks

Tp-770 Professional Temple Blocks

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Tp-770 Temple Blocks:  authentic, dark, mellow, resonant and genuine temple block sound/voice.  To achieve this sound play these blocks with the mallets that are made specifically for these temple blocks, Ron's LMB-3R mallets,(pictured below).
Tp-770's mounting design provides a straight, in-line, and level playing surface for the performer.

Each block is 'resilient-mounted' onto the Russian Birch mounting bar to allow each block to sing freely in their darker, authentic voices. 
Each block mount is tension-set at the factory to prevent over-tightening, and possibly damaging the instrument.
You will see each block 'float' freely, as this insures that each block can sing freely and openly.

Tuning is fixed-pitch:  C, D, F, G, A, pentatonic scale.  These blocks are strobe tuned at the factory.  Their pitch(s) may vary in use over time with variations in local temperatures, humidity, and atmospheric pressure changes.
Each block is hand-made from a solid block of genuine mahogany, with end caps of Russian Birch.

Each set arrives with a 3/4" diameter x 18" long stainless steel mounting tube that will fit into cymbal stand bases that will accept a 3/4" tube.  Several cymbal stand manufacturers produce such quality, sturdy cymbal stand bases.  
Note:  if you need assistance in finding such a stand, please contact us directly as these quality stands are available from several manufacturers.

Protect your valuable Tp-770 Temple Block investment with a Ron Vaughn protective instrument bag, or road case.


Live Performance Tip:  when playing your Tp-770 Temple Blocks in live concerts, position your music stand well above the level of the temple blocks.  The music stand could potentially block or lessen the sound of the block's projection across the ensemble and into the concert hall.

LBM-3R Rattan Shaft Temple Block Mallets for Tp-770 Temple Blocks


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